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Stable grade of approximately 68% with low content of sulfur, phosphorus and other impurity substance

High grade

Early adoption of advances in mining and processing technologies, maintains its optimal production rates.

Low cost

Aoniu Mining continued to carry out research and development, it was accredited as a high and new technology enterprise in 2019

Advanced technologies
Iron Ore Resources
Three operating mines: Aoniu Mine, Maogong Mine and Shangma Mine.
Maogong Mine

Maogong Mine, located in the western mineralization zone of Fushun Iron Ore Belt in Liaoning Province, was constructed in 1994. The typical characteristics of the Maogong deposit are its high-grade magnetite ores with very low impurities, such as Ti, P, and S. The ores are also featured with coarse grains and readily processed. Hence, the cash cost in the Maogong mine is the lowest among Hanking’s major operating mines.
In 2011, the Company has made a new discovery of a large iron ore body by conducting resource explorations in respect of an iron ore mine located in Maogong Village, Shiwen Town, Fushun, Liaoning Province, China. Moreover, the increase in estimated resources in Maogong Iron Mine has been confirmed by the Liaoning Provincial Mineral Resource Assessment Centre and the approved filing certificate was issued by Liaoning Provincial Department of Land & Resources. Hence the Maogong Iron Mine has significantly elevated its resources.
At the end of 2013, Mao Gong Mines had completed the construction of the new processing plant and commenced production, the annual realized iron ore processing capacity reached 3million tons. The new processing plant adapted the latest technology which helps to increase automation and achieved economies of scale.

Aoniu Mine

Ao Niu Mine is located within the city of Fushun, right in the center of iron ore belt which consist of high quality magnetite resources, at the moment it is an open pit operation with iron ore concentrate averaging 66%. Mine construction began as early as 1992, after numerous expansion of capacity and technical upgrade, Ao Niu Mine’s annual iron ore processing capacity reached 3mt, using the latest technology to substantially increase the quality of iron ore concentrates. Ao Niu Mine sets a good example for enterprise with high level of commitment to safety and environmental protection and won the award of “National Green Mine” by Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China.

Shangma Mine

The Shangma Mine is situated at the centre of the iron ore metallogenic belt in Fushun and is just located mid-way between the Aoniu iron ore mine and Xingzhou iron ore mine of the Group. It can act as a hub of the Aoniu iron ore mine and Xingzhou iron ore mine. 
The Shangma Mine is relatively mature and has two mine processing plants with a total capacity of processing 1.42 million tons of iron ore and producing 300,000 to 400,000 tons of iron ore concentrates (depending on the grades of the iron ore) per annum.