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Core Competitiveness
  • Resources
    High grade and low impurity content which contains close to zero titanium iron ore concentrate. 
  • Research
    Hanking D.R.I. was qualified as National high and new technology enterprise.
  • Integration 
    Iron ore concentrate produced by the Group is a quality raw material for producing ductile casting iron. Leveraging this advantage in terms of mineral resources
The product chain
High-purity iron factory
  • Wind power ductile casting iron
  • Nuclear equipments
  • Automobile engine parts
  • Marine engine parts
  • Military products
Industry analysis
According to the industry report prepared by Hatch Associates Ltd., Fushun Hanking D.R.I. is the largest wind power ductile casting iron manufacturing enterprise in China with the sales volume of its main product, wind power ductile casting iron, accounting for over 50% of China’s total output. 
Continues invest and push the technology development
With the technological improvement, the annual production capacity of Fushun Hanking D.R.I. increases from 560,000 metric tons to 660,000 metric tons.
On 12 November 2020, the company completed the acquisition of EMERALD PLANET HOLDINGS LIMITED, increasing the annual capacity up to 930,000 metric tons.