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Safe Mine
Hanking has achieved zero fatality, casualty, environmental pollutions, occupational morbidity rate and fires for three consecutive years.
  • The Group has set up a dedicated health and safety management and enforcement organization with specialized personnel.
  • Developed and implemented health and safety management systems and operating procedures. 
  • Strictly implements “6S Management Provisions”.
  • Organizes safety and health education and trainings for the employees, develops specialized management systems and safe operating procedures with respect to key places, such as mining yards, mine shafts, explosives magazines, waste dumps, processing plants and tailing ponds, as well as blasting equipments, dangerous chemicals and other special equipments and special operations, and monitors major hazards. 
  • Group has full-time safety officers to conduct safety supervisions and inspections, continually strengthens daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly occasional and mutual safety inspections, so as to timely detect and effectively rectify all kinds of safety risks.
Green Mine
Upholding the tenet of “green mines”, the Group has made great efforts in promoting the construction of the mine environment. Adhering to the development path of “recycling economy and comprehensive utilization”,
  • Processing plant upgrade, improve recovery rate, reduce the waste of mineral resources.
  • Through recycling and technology upgrading, reduce the environmental impact.
  • High-grade iron ore concentrate and high-purity iron: used to manufacture wind power ductile casting iron, provide high-quality materials for clean energy industry.
  • Green building materials: use discharged tailings from iron ore business to produce environmentally friendly building materials,  improve resources utilization.

The Group is committed to build "environmental friendly mines".

Aoniu Mine and Maogong Mine were awarded the title of “National Green Mine Pilot Enterprise” by the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China.

Harmony Mine
Maintain a good corporate and community relationship
  • Communities
    We value the establishment of a harmonious and inclusive relationship with the communities where we are located, and actively participate in the construction of community infrastructure, environment, education, culture, sports, religion, disaster relief, community care, labor and employment, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.
  • People and Culture
    Not only provide employees with competitive remuneration packages, but enrich their spare-time lives and promote their physical and mental health, the Group organizes health checkups and travel for employees every year, and organizes a number of cultural, sports and social activities.