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Board and Management


As of 27 May 2021, the Company had eight directors which includes three independent non-executive directors. The directors have rich experiences in enterprise operation, risk management and control, mining exploration/ development/ operation/ investment, geology and mineral resources, financial affairs, financing and securities.  Those extensive experiences and skills of the Directors in various fields enable the Company to maintain high standard operations.

Board Committees

Four specialized committees under the Board:
Directors Nomination Committee Remuneration Committee Audit Committee
HSEC Committee
Yang Jiye C M
Zheng Xuezhi
Qiu Yumin C
Kenneth Lee M M
Xia Zhuo
Wang Ping C C
Wang Anjian M M M
Ma Qingshan M M
Note: C: Chairman of committee M: Member of committee

Main Constitutions

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The Company has a proactive approach to communicating with Shareholders, through announcements, production updates, road shows, conferences and telephones.

Registered Shareholder

Hold shares in your own name

Any enquiries relating to your shareholding, for example, transfers of shares, change of address, loss of share certificates or dividend cheques, shall be sent or made to Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited,the Company’s share registrar in Hong Kong whose contact information is as follows:

Address: Shops 1712-1716, 17th Floor, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2862 8628

Fax: +852 2865 0990 and +852 2529 6087

Website: www.computershare.com.hk

No-registered Shareholder

Holding shares through a custody brokerage or other financial institution

Please contact your custody with trading services